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Casa y Terreno, your source of information when looking into realestate in Región San Martin.



With it's 51.253 km2 it would rank at no. 128 of countries listed by area, passing 121 countries (eg. Israël, Belgium, The Netherlands)  in size.

It was described in 1929 bij Llewelyn Williams in his book "WOODS OF NORTEASTERN PERU" as "The town is situated at an altitude of 1,400 feet in the center of an extensive plain and almost completely encircled by ranges and high spurs which are ramifications of the eastern Cordillera of the Andes. These ranges rise to 2,000 feet or more above the general level of the plain. To the southeast and south of the town the plain stretches for several miles towards the Huallaga, while towards the east and northeast there is a gentle rise in the ground until it reaches the valley of the Ahuashiyaco. To the north is the ridge of Cerro Pelado, the summit of which is devoid of vegetation, whence the name meaning "bald hill."
Several trails lead from the town, forming the only means of communication with other points. That to Chasuta,on the lef tbank of the Huallaga below the rapids, follows an easterly course through Cumbasa. Beyond the Ahuashiyaco it emerges on a wide plain, extending as far as Pucayaco, and beyond this plain or campo rise the abrupt ridges of Guayapurima, which have to be crossed to reach Chasuta. In a southern direction, a trail leads over a sandy plain to Shapaja, on the left bank of the Huallaga above the rapids, and continues for a short distance to Juan Guerra, at the confluence of the Mayo and Huallaga rivers. Beyond the Mayo it leads through the forest, almost parallel with the Huallaga, to Saposoa, Juanjui, Pachisa, and other villages in the upper reaches of the river. To the northwest of Tarapoto, a trail leads through Morales, Rumisapa, Lamas, Tabalosos, and San Roque to Moyobamba and the coast, while farther north is the overland route to Yurimaguas."


We focus first on the economic most important region, Provincia San Martin. The airport, the road connections, the rivers and the agriculture trade, made that in recent years demand for real estate took off. At the same time signs 'Se vende una casa' o "Se vende eso terreno' popped up everywhere. However, what is lacking is an overview of supply and transparent price information. We think a place where the seller can make his offer and the buyer can get a clear overview of the market will benefit at the end everybody, not at the least Region San Martin. Casa y Terreno wants to become that place!